About Us

Our Aim

Our aim is to establish a platform to create favorable environment for growth of aviation sector working in tandem with industry stake holders, regulatory authorities and the government.


To operate, develop, protect, stimulate and encourage the aviation industry of Bangladesh by resolving various issues with the regulatory authorities to achieve operational goal.



AOAB will provide leadership for the development of aviation industry in association with regulatory bodies and concerned ministries of the government by seeking out information which will include all aviation related organizations in the country. This is to enhance professionalism and maintain its relevance to the modern world.

Our Objectives

  • AOAB is committed, in general, to the development of aviation industry of the country.
  • Representing and preserving the interest of members at National and International levels.
  • Harnessing efforts in aiding the growth of airline industry (Passenger and Cargo).
  • Promote and aid in developing the helicopter aviation industry including establishment of MRO’s services for support of main operating industries.
  • Helping to flourish tourism and industries and contributing to overall development of the country.
  • Supporting, promoting the growth and wellbeing of a profitable and sustainable General Aviation industry.
  • AOAB will strive to be recognized as the sole representative body for aviation industry in the country.
  • AOAB will expand its membership to include all aviation related companies including foreign airline operators in the country.
  • AOAB will act as a facilitator of communications between its members and government agencies related with aviation business.
  • AOAB will continue to work towards improving the safe operations ensuring a congenial environment for aviation operators.

AOAB actively seeks to address following issues:

  • Help in formulating policy and regulation conducive to the growth of the industry.
  • Actively monitor aviation fuel price and negotiate with appropriate agency for fair price
  • Improve ground operation standards
  • Implement Safety Management System
  • Deal with tax and vat issues
  • Need for bonded warehouse facility